What’s all the blood, sweat and tears really worth if you can’t have a little fun, right? We thought it
would be fun to let people see how the days at our office look like, so sneak behind the scenes and

Newton Revolution – Making of the commercial
A friend of us, Charly van de Meer, approached JAN to make a commercial for Newton Revolution. A clothing brand for kids. They believe in the next generation of open minded bright, kids who explore questions and answer them with inspiring action. Speaking from the heart and not the head. They are supporting a creative mind and creating space to move forward.. comfortably. Working with kids is always a lot of fun. Newton Revolution was great project where Tjeerd Braat, the director, casted kids for the first time.

Making Of Pig & Hen Shoot
Pig & Hen is an Amsterdam based company that makes handmade bracelets. They are meant to survive a lifetime, are stronger than steel and will age like your wrinkled face. When it comes to friendship this one is here for a lifetime. They are close friends of us and whenever there’s a chance to support each other, we take it.

The first big production, directed by Tjeerd Braat and written by Raoul Oei was a commercial for Netatmo. It’s a dynamic and innovative company that develops consumer electronics for a better en more connected lifestyle.

For big productions we really like to challenge ourselves. Especially for this project we build a big construction around the car to create the perfect shot. After three long production days JAN felt proud and thrilled to take over the video world.

JAN is surrounded by a lot of talented people. We produced the videoclip of singer Lara Nova also known as Lara Mallo, one of the JAN team members. She is our Brand Consultant, Fashion Stylist, Concept Developer and Social Media Guru. In her daily life she blogs, sings and develops concepts for brands. Say what? Yeah, you would almost think it’s too much to handle for such a little nugget. But this girl works hard but plays even harder.